Before working with Angela I had been bouncing around for about a year between various physical trainers, massagists, chiropractors, etc, only to see minimum pain reductions. I’d been having pain that arose from playing the bass guitar too much, and never having any legitimate training my technique was beyond poor. I basically found myself in a situation where simple activities like lifting a plate or opening a door became painful and anxiety ridden events. You can imagine that experiencing this type of pain over a sustained period of time would  be incredibly discouraging. After having failed relationships with a significant amount of professionals over the past year, I was rightfully skeptical the first time I met Angela.

This skepticism was completely eradicated after my first session. Her enthusiasm towards getting me better and back to playing was better than my own, and  was exactly what I needed after a year of struggle. Angela passion towards getting her clients back to playing stems from her own passion for music. Her passion combined with a killer understanding of how the body works allows her to view your problems as they relate to you. She has taken me from playing the bass less than 15 minutes a day, to playing for extended periods of time pain free. I would recommend her services to anyone.

The best way to highlight her dedication is how after our first session she told me she needed to go home and do some homework about the best stretches, workouts etc for me personally to get better. That’s awesome.

– Zach, Nashville, TN
I’m not a very trusting person. I was about 150 pounds overweight when I started working with Angela as my personal trainer.
She developed a program that brought me along at a perfect pace. I felt safe and confident with her in charge.
I was about to lose 60 pounds and improve my leg strength enough to be able to stand for over 30 minutes.
Linda, Panama City Beach, FL
I originally signed up for Angela’s bootcamp class and later learned that she did personal training.  I’ve never has a personal trainer before because I always saw them as intimidating.  While I’m only beginning with Angela I have been impressed with her organizational skills, personal attention and easy going nature.  I got a meeting invite and a personalized plan to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I assumed Angela would come in with normal exercises and weight training I have done before.  Imagine my surprise when all the exercises that came my way I had never done before. She is up todate on what needs to be done and I look forward to the results!!
     – Evelyn, Panama City, FL

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