Masters in Flute Performance. All genres of music from film scores to classical, to world music.

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Being a musician does not mean living with pain!
“Workouts for Musicians”

One Hour Lecture
This lecture covers a basic overview of anatomy as it relates to flute/instrument playing, and various workout techniques such as warm-ups, static stretches, an overview of a sample workout to correct muscle imbalances and recovery techniques. We will also do a bit of body mapping and dynamic integration work.

Student limit: none
“Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weightlifting
for Efficient Flute Playing”

Three Hour Workshop/Lecture
In the moment, you want to focus on making music … not on how much your shoulder hurts. Many musicians run and do yoga, but few seriously resistance train. In this session Angela will help you improve your endurance, combat muscle weakness and overcome any fears of injury by walking you through how to lift, what exercises to do, and how to warm up before you play. Leave the session with the knowledge that you can walk into any weight room with confidence and purpose! Participants should wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, a mat/towel and be prepared to participate! Student limit: up to 30. If more students are interested than there is space, additional sessions may be offered in the same weekend to accommodate the numbers interested.

Individual personal training sessions may be added to any lecture or workshop. Training session will include individualized attention and I will personally walk you through an entire workout including proper form instruction, dynamic warm-ups, and static stretching. I provide training programs online or in person. Individual sessions are offered at the rate of $60 per hour with discounted packages available. I also offer nutritional coaching.
A one-hour masterclass may be added on to any lecture or workshop for an additional fee. Private Flute Lessons are also available. I am currently accepting new students, both in person in Panama City, FL and online via Skype. Lessons are offered at a rate of $40/hr or $20/30 minutes. Single private flute lessons are also available after the workshop.

Prevent pain before it starts; don’t let overuse injuries derail your music career! Pain is all too commonly accepted as part of the musical profession, when, in reality, it is only because musicians are not taught how to respect, understand and train their bodies as the athletes they are. Pain is a result of your body telling you something is wrong, ignoring the pain will not make it go away, more often than not it will make the situation worse. In the case of overuse injuries, many times, doctors will prescribe rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. This treats the short term symptoms, but does not correct the long-term problem and without addressing the root cause of the problem, the pain may come back worse as a debilitating injury and rob you of a job, your profession or your joy of playing.


Music can be one of the most challenging aspects of planning your wedding, even if you are a musician! I have been asked to play all different styles of music at weddings and have played at several different venues; from inside a church, to solo on the beach. Don’t know anything about music? Not to worry. Contact me with the answers to the following questions and we can cross one more thing off your list!

  1. What style of music do you like or would you like to have? (Folk, Classical, Hymns, etc) Do you have any specific pieces you would like to have played?
  2. What type of instrumentation interests you? A flute solo, duet, trio, flute and strings, guitar, etc.
  3. When and where is the wedding?

Once I receive the answers to these questions, I will email you repertoire possibilities, a price quote and a sample contract and we will go from there. Take the guesswork out of the music aspect of your wedding and rest assured your wedding is being attended to by a professional.