Bring Music Strong to you! We offer workshops of varying lengths, from 1 hour to 3 hours to an in-house residency of several days to offer your students, groups, etc. the most individualized help we can.

Being a musician does not mean living with pain!

Prevent pain before it starts; don’t let overuse injuries derail your music career!  Pain is all too commonly accepted as part of the musical profession, when, in reality, it is only because musicians are not taught how to respect, understand and train their bodies as the athletes they are.  Pain is a result of your body telling you something is wrong, ignoring the pain will not make it go away, more often than not it will make the situation worse.  In the case of overuse injuries, many times, doctors will prescribe rest and anti-inflammatory drugs.  This treats the short term symptoms, but does not correct the long-term problem and without addressing the root cause of the problem, the pain may come back worse as a debilitating injury and rob you of a job, your profession or your joy of playing.

Workshops and Presentations

Rates and Lengths: Times for presentations can vary.

Options from a 1-hour lecture to a full day of lectures, masterclasses and training are available.

The updated brochure can be viewed and downloaded here:Angela brochure copy.  If you have special requests or concerns please email Angela for her rates if you are interested in booking her for your group.

Angela has recently been featured as a two-time presenter at the 2012 and 2011 National Flute Association Convention and at the Florida Flute Association Convention.  Angela has given her workshops and masterclasses at such universities as Florida State University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville,  Stephen F. Austin University in Nagadoches, TX,  Technological University and Nicholls State University in LA.  She has recently been asked to serve as a staff writer for and as a regular columnist for the Florida Flute Association quarterly newsletter, as well as being a blog author on the Innoviative Ideas in Performance and Pedagogy blog. 


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