Online Personal Training




Don’t live nearby or maybe you’d like the freedom to lift on your own but leave the planning up to someone else?
For musicians:
Allow me to create a training program to help correct your specific problems to help you play better. Over the internet, I will be able to talk with you about your music, your practice regimen, your pain, your schedule and your playing problems. We can then devise a plan to get you in and out of the gym and incorporating some strength moves to help you be a healthier musician and eventually play without pain!

For non-musicians
I will create a personalized training program based on your individual needs and goals, be it fat loss, muscle gain, strength or balance improvement, etc.  This plan is best for those who are self-motivated to get in the gym and do things themselves, but need the guidance of setting up a periodized and progressive training plan.

Cost is $100/mo and you will be billed monthly, no worrying about when it’s time to update your plan, the payment is automatic and the update will come right on time!


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