Sleeping Booty: Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Sleeping Butt Syndrome Part 2

What Can Be Done? This is, by no means, the definitive work and end-all be-all answer to this question.  I am not a doctor, a therapist or other medical practitioner and EACH situation is different.  Therefore, understand that these are suggestions, to be used in conjunction with possible other training modalities and may be contraindicated by your specific issue, so check with your doctor first if Continue Reading →

The Flutists’ Pain Points

  Ask almost any flutist that has pain brought on by playing, and odds are they will mention one of these sites as giving them trouble: wrist, upper back (between shoulder blades), shoulder area or lower back. Sometimes the problem is that the pain is in ALL of these sites. Studies have been done, but the results are inconclusive as to the results of what causes Continue Reading →

De-Mystifying Support and the Diaphragm

As a wind instrumentalist, and especially as a flutist, I hear this question a lot: “What is support?” which is usually followed by this statement “Make sure you breathe/support from the diaphragm“. I hate to tell you, but that is absolutely impossible.  The intentions, when this statement is said, are good, but let’s talk about the diaphragm for a minute. First, what IS the diaphragm?  Well, Continue Reading →

Stretching ADEQUATELY before/during/after playing

What does it mean to stretch adequately?  And why should I bother? Stretching is underrated and underdone and people, especially musicans, are paying the price for it.  The body was designed to move and it was not meant to hold static positions for long lengths of time, be that sitting in a car, typing, playing an instrument, etc.  If one is confined to a rather static Continue Reading →