How to Squat – From Diesel Strength

Diesel Strength and Conditioning | Athletic Strength Training. This is a comprehensive (read: long and highly detailed) post on HOW to squat. It’s amazing that something so incredibly simple, something we did as 2-year olds without a second thought has become so incredibly difficult for us.  Unless your daily job has you squatting (like lots of people who are not in a cubicle-based-computer-obsessed societies do), we Continue Reading →

Do What You Suck At

One of my mottos for awhile now has been “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.  This picture exemplifies the idea perfectly.  When I was in Army Basic Training, that was one of the things they told us almost constantly.  We had to do everything as a team, and if one person was wrong, you were all wrong.  If one person wanted to keep Continue Reading →

The Flutists’ Pain Points

  Ask almost any flutist that has pain brought on by playing, and odds are they will mention one of these sites as giving them trouble: wrist, upper back (between shoulder blades), shoulder area or lower back. Sometimes the problem is that the pain is in ALL of these sites. Studies have been done, but the results are inconclusive as to the results of what causes Continue Reading →

The Courage to Succeed

Part 3 ( you can see Part 2 and Part 1 here) It sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?  The courage to SUCCEED?  Who would ever be afraid of success?  Well, maybe you.  I know I have been at times. Take a weakness and turn it into a strength.  If you are dedicated to overcoming failure and achieving lasting success, then you need to be willing Continue Reading →

Developing Body Awareness and Self-Trust

Once upon a time… Like most people who learn an instrument in the USA, I learned to play the flute in 6th grade.  I had wanted to start playing much earlier than this as I knew my mother had a flutehidden away under the stairs.  Sometimes I would take it down off the shelf, carefully (like it had magic and I didn’t want to disturb it) Continue Reading →