Music Strong Goal Challenge 2014

The goal here is to change your daily habits, which will change your life. This is not a quick fix. This is a life change. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired with yourself? You vow, seemingly daily, to get back on the right track, to do what it takes, to meet your goals. You know what to do but by the end Continue Reading →

Get Off the Hamster Wheel! Guide To Change Your Habits Tip #8

If you haven’t read last week’s post, you can do so here: Get Off the Hamster Wheel Tip #7 We are down to the last few tips, and you know, I really struggled with this week’s and next week’s tips, trying to figure out which should happen first.  It came down to this: Which small action do I have the hardest time doing?  And that’s how Continue Reading →

Get Off the Hamster Wheel, Guide to Changing Your Habits Tip #7

Getting right to the point this week, this of course builds on last week: Tip #7. If you think you want to eat, ask yourself these questions: Am I really hungry? What do I want to eat?  If it is a sweet ask yourself this Could I be satisfied with a healthier option, protein or a meal instead? If the answer is no, ask yourself this Continue Reading →

Get Off the Hamster Wheel! Guide to Changing Your Habits Tip # 6

So what’s the story on the last week? Did you eat yourself into oblivion with cookie dough/doughnuts/chips and cheese, etc.?  Do you look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy? Are you sick of eating your “vice” or “nemesis food”? Did you find that this was easy to do or difficult? My guess is difficult.  When I finally started allowing myself to eat what I really wanted, I Continue Reading →

Get Off the Hamster Wheel! Tip #5

So how did last week go? Did you have an easy or a hard time incoropoarting more whole foods into your diet? I know that for me, when I’m on the run, it can be more difficult.  So I ALWAYS make leftovers and then night before the next day I pack my lunch,  I include my piece of fruit, my vegetables and some sort of protein Continue Reading →