How to Squat – From Diesel Strength

Diesel Strength and Conditioning | Athletic Strength Training. This is a comprehensive (read: long and highly detailed) post on HOW to squat. It’s amazing that something so incredibly simple, something we did as 2-year olds without a second thought has become so incredibly difficult for us.  Unless your daily job has you squatting (like lots of people who are not in a cubicle-based-computer-obsessed societies do), we Continue Reading →

Exciting Announcement!

After my NFA panel presentation on “Injury Prevention and Pain Management” I was approached by Mary O’Brien from about writing for her website on a regular basis.  I gladly said yes so keep a lookout for my articles there.  My first post is going to be about that very panel presentation topic.  I am very excited to be writing for on a regular basis Continue Reading →

It’s a Wild Ride…

So life has been crazy, lately.  I know, I know, I was on a roll, posting a few new blog posts every week, and believe me, I have more than a few drafts in the works, but I just haven’t been able to get to them.  I could put something out just for the sake of generating content, but I don’t feel that serves much of Continue Reading →

NFA Convention Brochure

The 2011 National Flute Association Convention Brochure is online now and will be shipped out to thousands of flutists worldwide in the next couple of weeks.  I took a peek at it today and got a nice surprise, my presentation “Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weightlifting for Efficient Flute Playing” has been listed on the brochure on Body, Mind and Spirit!  I’m super excited to be presenting Continue Reading →

Presentation Announcement

I have just received the news that my presentation for the Florida Flute Association Annual Convention has been accepted! I will be giving the presentation, “Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weight Lifting for Efficient Flute Playing” on January 30th, 2011 at 9 AM at the Orlando Marriott. ” In the moment, you want to focus on making music … not on how much your shoulder hurts. Many Continue Reading →