Shoulder Pain Secret

Today I have a REAL treat in store for you.  Dr. Perry Nickelston, owner of Stop Chasing Pain, has written a guest blog post for me. I first found Dr. Perry through his podcast: Stop Chasing Pain.  Dr. Perry is a DC who specializes in using laser therapy to treat people.  When I was doing research on my shoulder pain series, I mentioned it to Dr. Continue Reading →

Identfying Shoulder Pain Part 2 – What to Do About It

Additional Disclaimer Before I continue this post, I would once again like to state that I am not a licensed medical professional and this post is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical injury, disease, cause, condition or ailment.  If you suffer from any type of pain you should seek the cousel of a qualified medical professional.  A partial list of these professionals is Continue Reading →

What Interests You?

So as you all know, I have two main passions when it comes to career: Music and Fitness.  I’ve gone into mostly uncharted territory with promoting myself as a Musician Health Coach, or a personal trainer for musicians.  What does that mean to you, though?  What does that mean and what do I do and how does that actually benefit you? I am a NASM certified Continue Reading →

NFA Convention Brochure

The 2011 National Flute Association Convention Brochure is online now and will be shipped out to thousands of flutists worldwide in the next couple of weeks.  I took a peek at it today and got a nice surprise, my presentation “Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weightlifting for Efficient Flute Playing” has been listed on the brochure on Body, Mind and Spirit!  I’m super excited to be presenting Continue Reading →