Online Services

This service is for those who:

  • Don’t have the option of one-on-one training with me (not close to Nashville, TN or travel)
  • College students with access to a gym and trainers to help with form, but would like a specialized program
  • People who are self-motivated, but just need the planning done for them

If one of these describes you, then online training may be for you!

Allow me to create a training program to help correct your specific problems to help you play better. Over the internet, I will be able to talk with you about your music, your practice regimen, your pain, your schedule and your playing problems. We can then devise a plan to get you stronger, more flexible, more mobile to help you be a healthier musician and eventually play without pain! You will actually be able to walk into any gym with a plan and purpose, no longer intimidated but emboldened with knowledge.

What does online training include?

  • FREE initial consulatation and assessment
  • One monthly Skype session to do assessment, re-assessment and checkups on form when/if needed.
  • An individualized, personalized, progressive program designed to meet your specific needs, with your particular goals in mind utilizing the equipment you have whether you belong to a gym or workout at home; not a cookie cutter program!
  • Unlimited email support
  • Weekly 30 minute phone consults
  • Goal tracking tools
  • Nutritional information and guidance
  • Discounts and specials on different products
  • Weekly email newsletter with tips, inspiration, recipes and more.

Any great achievement starts with a plan, let’s star yours TODAY!

For one month of internet training, including initial consultation and month-long support: $100

Nutritional Support

I also offer nutritional consulting. You know you need to “eat healthier” but are you unsure of how to put that together into a menu that makes sense? I offer an email consultation about your dietary likes/dislikes, schedule and goals and will help you devise a plan to understand how to eat healthy, frequently and eat the foods you love, while gaining the energy you need to get you through your rehearsals/practice sessions/performances. If weight loss is your goal, I can also coach you through that process. (disclaimer: I am not a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist.  If you have specific health problems, please seek the guidance of one of these medical professionals)

Initial diet consultation: $50

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