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Angela is extremely knowledgeable. I learn something new with each session, which I attend 2 days per week. Whenever I do have any pain or discomfort I describe it to Angela and she always seems to have the answers - educating me and giving me an exercise that often immediately addresses and alleviates the pain. Ben Roland


Two musicians and fitness coaches discussing strength, and how it relates to performance
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The best way to highlight her dedication is how after our first session she told me she needed to go home and do some homework about the best stretches, workouts etc for me personally to get better. That is awesome.Zach, Nashville, TN
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Now, the numbness that I was experiencing, and was really afraid of has gone away. And if it comes back I know what to do to make it go away again...Bethany
I’m not a very trusting person. I was about 150 pounds overweight when I started working with Angela as my personal trainer. She developed a program that brought me along at a perfect pace. I felt safe and confident with her in charge.Linda, Panama City Beach, FL
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