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 You are not just an athlete of small muscles –  you use your entire body to play your instrument and just because you’re not running across a field or throwing a ball doesn’t make you any less of an athlete.

It’s time we were treated as such and received the same care as athletes.

If you’re ready to learn how to avoid injury in yourself and others and be part of the solution, read on!

➡ You play for decades whereas they play for maybe a few years. You play for hours a day sometimes everyday, whereas they play for a few days.

➡ Is it any wonder we get INJURED? And yet there is a stigma surrounding talking about it. I talked to a bass player yesterday who said that people look at him funny when he talks about his injury like somehow he's "BROKEN".

The only way this culture around musicians injuries stops is by us doing something about it.

I would love you to join my job security program which addresses all of these things:

Stigma and Mindset
Anatomy and injury
Strength and endurance

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In 2 Days you will learn...



  • The Shocking Statistics of Injury Rates in Musicians
  • You’re not alone – unpacking the mindset behind our silence


  • Opportunities abound! Designing a career that YOU want


  • Identifying injuries
  • Types of Treatments and practitioners


  • Learn how to increase it and use it
  • Identification of source of pain (where it hurts might not be the problem)


  • Forearm and Wrist
  • Shoulder and Rotate Cuff
  • Upper Back
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Core


  • Upper crossed syndrome
  • Lower crossed syndromes
  • Upper and Lower Body Assessments


  1. Getting out of/Preventing Injury
  • Stretching: WHEN to stretch, when NOT to stretch and knowing WHAT to stretch
  • Self Massage: How to effectively relax overactive muscles (how to use those implements and do massage guns really work?)
  • Strengthen what’s weak – specific exercises for each part of your body: shoulders, neck, back, forearms etc.

Increasing Strength

  • What is proper form to lift a weight?
  • Specific strengthening exercises for each body part

Increasing Endurance

  • specific exercises for increasing endurance in forearm, upper back and shoulder muscles 

Putting it all together

  • Corrective Exercise program for YOUR instrument
  • Design Your Personal Assessment Sheet
  • Let’s Write Your Personal Program!

This is a 90-day program that I am condensing down into a 2-day intensive!

2 Dates:

May 21-22

July 9-10

all online, live and interactive.
This is not sitting around all day!

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Answer:  No problem! You will get handouts, downloads and the entire series on recording