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Be empowered with an actionable “genetic owner’s manual” to guide your wellness decisions and smarter lifestyle choices. Discover the variations that make your genome unique.

you can use this article to really optimize your results How to Eat for Fat Loss: Figuring Out Your Macros

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Don’t guess when it comes to your health, the answer is in your genes! If you’ve gone round and round on the weight loss carousel with no progress, or maybe, you can’t figure out why you have such a strange skin response to stress, what about vitamins, emotional behavior, addictive eating, etc?  All those things are in your genes, and without that knowledge you are just guessing.  What if you KNEW what you needed and could give your body exactly that?  This test can tell you:

  • if you are predisposed to soft tissue injuries or not
  • what you specifically need to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • if you need more carbs or fat in your diet
  • if your body will better respond to a Cross-Fit, yoga, or anything in between type of workout
  • food cravings, emotional eating responses and ability to metabolize alcohol, lactose and sugars
  • so much moreAGS logo CMYK 2018 HI

Don’t take my word for it, check out a sample and see all the things you can learn about yourself.  Never guess what you need or why things don’t work again.  M134_B_AGS_SNP-Inclusion



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