Become A NASM Certified Personal Trainer Like Me

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is the certification agency through which I became a personal trainer. I plan on soon obtaining an advanced specialization of Corrective Exercise Specialist.  They offer three different specializations: CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and PES (Performance Exercise Specialist), and their newest specialization: the FNS or Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

NASM focuses on assessment, correcting muscle imbalances, which is imperative to optimal performance.  If you try to load bad movement patterns, you are asking for injury and using the NASM assessment system, you can find out what your specific compensations are, correct them and THEN properly load for helping you meet your goals. I highly encourage you to check out their website, look around, ask questions.  I did before I committed.
From their website:

"Trainers get certified.
REAL trainers get NASM Certified."

Since 1987, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals. It is part of Ascend Learning, a leader in providing technology-based educational, assessment, testing and certification solutions for healthcare and other vocational fields.

In addition to its evidence-based NCCA-accredited Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification, NASM also offers a progressive career track with access to advanced specializations in Sports Performance (PES) and Injury Prevention (CES), Continuing Education courses, and accredited Bachelor and Master Degree program

The NASM educational continuum is designed to help today’s health and fitness professionals enhance their careers while empowering their clients to live healthier lives.


Our Mission
To provide health and fitness professionals with the best evidence-based education and systems
Our Values
Everything we do is focused on Excellence, Innovation and Results
Our Promise
Premier education for health and fitness professionals that delivers proven results

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