Testimonial from Ben

Ben is someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years now. He came to me complaining of SI Joint pain, among other things. After a year or so, we still have new things to overcome daily, but he loves the challenge of getting his body to work the way it should and getting stronger. Thanks for you kind words, Ben!

After almost 5 years of living with pain on a pretty regular basis, I did some searching and reached out to Basics and Beyond in the summer of 2017. I had developed a SI Joint problem from years of sitting and working at a computer for way too many hours each day. I’ve been working with Angela for a bit over 6 months now and the entire experience has been awesome. I am for the most part totally pain free with just very occasional moments of pain/discomfort, which seem to be a direct result of me falling behind on my exercise and spending too much time working at the computer. Previously I had seen good chiropractors and massage therapists, who were all helpful, but nothing has helped nearly as much as working with Angela from Basics and Beyond and getting my body in shape. I’m feeling much stronger, more energized, and more stable, plus there’s the added bonus of looking better too 😉 Not only am I learning how to properly work out and getting in shape, but I’m also learning about my physical ailments (turns out I have a couple), proper posture and things I can put into practice in my day to day. Angela is extremely knowledgeable. I learn something new with each session, which I attend 2 days per week. Whenever I do have any pain or discomfort I describe it to Angela and she always seems to have the answers - educating me and giving me an exercise that often immediately addresses and alleviates the pain. They really do go above and beyond the basics. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone Thank you so much!

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