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EP. 56: Breaking Tradition: A Hidden Music Industry

Breaking Tradition: A Hidden Music Industry


Breaking Tradition: A Hidden Music Industry


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“I’m just a musician, no one is going to pay THAT much!!”

We’ve talked about “lack mindset” before when it comes to music and business, and many professionals are now working to change music culture to eliminate it as a factor. But even so, it can be difficult for many of us to charge “living wage” rates as self-employed musicians! And it is scary when we find ourselves comparing our desired rates to things like colleagues’ rates, mentors’ rates, or worrying about losing current students or clients.

How can you combat these fears and charge what you need to survive? Join us for our chat with “The Lucrative Artist,” Dr. Brian Witkowski, as he discusses how to combat these common issues and reach your full professional potential!

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