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Navigating the Pandemic as a Musician 1

In Motivation and Success, Personal Life by Angela

Part 1: Feb-April 2020 February 2020 – I heard rumor of some virus originating in China and I thought “big deal, it’s just like every other virus we’ve heard of in the past. What makes this any different than SARS, H1N1, etc? Not concerned”. I didn’t want to hear about it. Played at Mardi Gras with the Army band – …

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Top 10 Ways to Become Who You Want to Be in 2021!

In Fitness, Motivation and Success by Angela

So….2020 carried some good and some bad. I think it’s safe to say that it was not the year any of us planned for. After the home projects were over, the to-do list finished, with trips cancelled there was so much sitting on the couch, binge-watching EVERYTHING and while “quarantine snacks” sound cute, come the fall we found very quickly …

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Podcast Interview with Corpsonore

In Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Motivation and Success, Resources by Angela

If you are not following these ladies you’re doing yourself a great disservice. They have a fantastic podcast and website on musician’s wellness from all aspects. I’ll include the podcast audio here, but do yourself a favor and check out the page for more goodies! Link to my episode on their page: Corposonore Podcast Interview with Notes and Recommended Reading …

Podcast Interview with The Conditioned Musician

In Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Motivation and Success by musicstrong

I found David on Instagram and knew instantly he would be an amazing resource. He’s a musician, ACSM certified personal trainer AND getting his doctorate in physical therapy because he wants to be a personal trainer for musicians. I’m happy to have him as a brand ambassador for Music Strong and really wish he lived closer so we could cross …

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Indie Mix and Mingle 8

In Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Success by Angela

Had an amazing time at Indie Mix and Mingle 8 in downtown Nashville last week!  Got a chance to meet some really amazing people in the business and I’m excited to see the interest in Music Strong and how we can help people!  If you don’t know what IMM is, you can check them out on their Facebook page here: …

Physical Fitness for Vocalists and Athletes Post-Surgery

In Corrective Exercise, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Motivation and Success by Angela

Just because vocalists don’t hold an instrument doesn’t mean they don’t have specific muscle imbalances that can hinder their musical careers.  Meet Liz, a vocal coach and voice trainer here in Nashville who utilized our services to improve her posture, body awareness and freedom of movement to release tension in her neck, upper back and hips and can sing better …