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Interview on “Building Stronger Creatives” podcast

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Are you a musician who’s curious about lifting weights? This episode of the Building Stronger Creatives podcast is for you. Caroline is a trombonist and fellow strength coach passionate about helping musicians. From Caroline on what this episode is about: Angela has spent the last 13+ years helping musicians use strength training to reduce pain and injury risk, play with …

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Top 10 Ways to Become Who You Want to Be in 2021!

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So….2020 carried some good and some bad. I think it’s safe to say that it was not the year any of us planned for. After the home projects were over, the to-do list finished, with trips cancelled there was so much sitting on the couch, binge-watching EVERYTHING and while “quarantine snacks” sound cute, come the fall we found very quickly …

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Podcast Interview with Corpsonore

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If you are not following these ladies you’re doing yourself a great disservice. They have a fantastic podcast and website on musician’s wellness from all aspects. I’ll include the podcast audio here, but do yourself a favor and check out the page for more goodies! Link to my episode on their page: Corposonore Podcast Interview with Notes and Recommended Reading …