When You Don’t Know What to Do, Just DO!

In Fitness, Motivation and Success, Travel by Angela

Ah…..the wonderful feeling you get from relaxing, taking a break, doing nothing… Which can turn into the feeling of “ugh, I feel awful for doing nothing for so long!” And there are few things more wonderful (to me) the the feeling of working out after a LONG break – remember how the muscles feel to be used, the feeling of …

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Resistance Bands

In Corrective Exercise, Resources, Travel by Angela

I have used these from all kinds of things: from my boot camp classes to travel, wrist rehab to band resisted squats, pushups and leg kickbacks, you name it. This is your all-purpose resistance band available in several different resistances.

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Music Strong in Las Vegas!

In Flute, Travel by Angela

  I am proud to announce that we will presenting at the National Flute Association Convention in August at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV!  This year’s convention will be held August 8-11th. I will be giving two presentations this year, this first is a workshop called “Morning Mobility”.  The second is part of a “What To Do After College” …

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Perform Better

In Boot Camp, Corrective Exercise, Fitness, Resources, Travel by Angela

Perform Better is where I get almost all of my training equipment; all kinds of bands, tubing, weights, you name it. What is great about this company is that no job or order is too big or small. You can order just a foam roller for yourself or you can contact them to help outfit your new gym or facility …

Florida Flute Convention 2012

In Fitness, Flute, Travel by Angela

Are you going to be going to the Florida Flute Convention this year? I am and am excited to announce that I be giving two presentations. Being A Flutist in the National Guard – Friday 4:30 PM The first presentation will be Friday at 4:30 PM and is entitled “Being a Flutist in the National Guard”. Drawing on my 8 …

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Travel Workouts with No Lower Body Work

In Boot Camp, Fitness, Travel by Angela

I am here in the Smoky Mountains, enjoying a long overdue vacation at my parent’s cabin with my husband and his siblings. The scenery is gorgeous, and as you can see from the picture of the driveway if I want to get out of breath by walking, all I have to do is go up and down the driveway a …

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Everything You Know is Wrong!

In Fitness, Travel by Angela

Last weekend, October 7-8, 2011 I spent two days at the NASM Live Workshop and my head is about to explode from knowledge and all the things I’m dying to share with you! First off, let’s say my ego took a real blow. Back up; first off, I didn’t realize I HAD that much of an ego until I got …