Chagit 360 Membership




With the highest bioavailability and antioxidant levels on the planet, Chagit is the 2 oz. shot from the Chaga mushroom, and this is the full package.

You get a shot for each day, PLUS antioxidant levels from the outside in, in the soap with purely ground chaga mushroom.

Chagit is most effective when taken daily.  As with most foods, it dissipates from your blood within 48 hours, thus it is important to maintain consistency.  Over time, its effects gain strength and its power to help you increases.

By far the best way to ensure that consistency, is to become a member and have it delivered to your door.

As part of our commitment to whole body health, all members also get their choice each month of either the pure faceor raw body soap.


MEMBERS RECEIVE (delivered once per month)

1 box of individually wrapped 2 oz Chaga Shots (15 shots)

1 32oz bottle of Chaga Shots (16 shots / 2 oz per serving)

1 bar of our raw body or pure face soap with each month’s delivery

ability to “add a box/bottle” each month if you want additional shots, either as a one time addition or as a recurring addition, for a discounted price

ability to “add a bar” each month if you truly love the soap like we do, either as a one time addition or as a recurring addition, for a discounted price