COVID Comeback Challenge


  • Choose between a 6 week program or 12 week total reset!
  • The 6-week program is a FAST track, focusing on core, flexibility as well as starting and creating habits you actually want.
  • The 12-week program is for MAX results.  Best for those with demanding schedule, new to working out and/or want the max benefits their body can reap.
  • This challenge is really up to you!   I will provide the workouts, but you have to do the work, and you can tailor it to have whatever you need. If you want to focus on drinking more water or changing your diet that can all happen!
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Included in both plans : covid comeback

  • Structured workout plans each week
  • Accountability in an app
  • Check in and log your workout, complete with videos!
  • Instrument specific workouts
  • Pre-playing routines and strength training routines with and without equipment
  • Access to the group so you can cheer each other on, share wins and ask questions
  • Habit changing nutrition courses that focus on one small change a week

Included in 12 Week plan (in addition to above) :

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Structured Recovery Days
  • Fully structured workout programs leading you through 3 phases of strength training
  • 4 weeks per phase so your body has time to properly adapt, grow and recover without feeling rushed
  • An extra phase of training, which will physically put you far ahead of your peers in terms of playing load you can handle

What Can You Expect to Gain?

  • Ability to play your instrument longer without pain and soreness
  • Increased endurance and stamina on stage
  • Increased breathing capacity and breath endurance
  • Lowered resting heart rate / increased cardiovascular health
  • Increased lean body mass
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased creativity
  • Bolstered mood and positive outlook
  • Deeper quality sleep
  • Less inflammation
  • Increased energy
What happens after I make my payment? After purchase, an email will be sent to you asking your health history, injury history, what instrument you play and goals. All information will be sent through email after purchase, including links to workout app, invites to live workouts, PDFs, ebook, etc.
Do you accept other types of payment? Yes! I accept cash, PayPal, ZelleVenmo or check (check must clear first). Send me an email at to make arrangements.
What if I can’t make a lump sum payment?  I have a payment plan option available, contact me for details. Here’s the thing though, this should “sting” a little bit. Why? Well, when a price is too low or free, we tend not to value it and not complete it or follow through. When you’ve got “skin in the game” you’re more committed to the program as is and you get better results because you show up for it fully.  Just something to keep in mind. 🙂
What if I have more questions? Let’s setup a time to talk! Email me at

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