End of Year Goodies

Can you believe in about 2 weeks 2010 will be over?  I know, it’s hard to believe!
One of the good things about the year-end are the SALES though, and I wanted to share a few music and fitness related ones with you.  If you are in need of some sheet music, check out sheetmusic.com.  They’re having a huge sale right now and visitors to their site will now be able to upgrade from Expedited Standard Delivery to 2-day Delivery for only $0.01 on orders over $25 shipped within the continental USA. This promotion will run from December 18th until Noon PST on December 22nd.  Click on the banner for more information, but you can get all kinds of music here, not just flute music!
Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale
If you are looking for flute related items, two places that are having big sales right now are www.fluteworld.com and www.flute4u.com (Carolyn Nussbaum). I highly recommend both places. In fact, I just ordered some things from Fluteworld last week and saved about $20! I wasn’t sure what I was looking for (don’t you hate ordering music blind?) so I called at least twice and the people I talked to were VERY helpful and knowledgeable. You can do the same! Right now they’re having a big sale on instruments, sheet music, recordings and accessories and are actually having a Professional Piccolo Sale as well.
Carolyn Nussbaum
Carolyn Nussbaum’s music company is a fabulous place not only for music and instruments like Fluteworld, but also repairs. I bought my Hammig Piccolo from her at the NFA convention last year and am sending it to her for its yearly COA tomorrow. I HIGHLY recommend them not only for music, but especially for repairs. They will have your instrument back to you in top shape in no time. Right now they’re having a 10% off sale on sheet music and they are also having a Miyazawa headjoint sale: 10% off all Miyazawa headjoints. Check them out at www.flute4u.com
JL Smith
Another fabulous vendor that I have had great experience with is J.L. Smith. I bought my first upgraded Miyazawa headjoint from them and also my alto flute for an amazing price. They are very into educating people about the instrument and pleasant to talk to; you can even follow them on twitter! They not only sell new instruments and do repair, they have a great consignment program and a long list of used flutes. Another cool thing is that they are VERY into repair and you can learn to repair your instrument through them! Check them out at www.flutesmith.com
Now, onto the fitness front!
One organization about which I cannot speak highly enough about is Perform Better. This place services people from all walks of life: whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or personal trainer or you don’t know a dumbbell from a barbell. These people sell EVERYTHING! If you are into portable workout equipment, I highly recommend their travel bands, super bands, mini bands, foam rollers and a TRX if you can afford it! Right now they’re having a major sale with free shipping through the end of the year. This only happens maybe once a year, so don’t miss out! Another great aspect of this company is that they sell tons of books, videos and even have a summit held a couple of times a year! You can go to these summits and hear world-renown fitness experts talk about everything from rehabbing your shoulder to correcting your movement patterns to improving your squat.
Check them out through my affiliate link



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Body Mapping
Of course, this post would not be complete without mentioning Andover Educators and Body Mapping. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, well, just hop on over to their website at www.bodymap.org and learn how understanding what your body REALLY looks like on the inside and how it functions can escalate your playing to new levels through body awareness.
My Shameless Plug
Speaking of catapulting your playing to new heights, January is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to schedule your private lessons, personal training, consultation, masterclass or workshop with me! If you live in the Panama City, FL area, I’ve got a few private flute lessons slots available as well as a few slots for personal training. Mention my blog post and get a free consultation! Not in the area? I train clients online AND I teach flute lessons via Skype! Don’t let distance be your deterrent! I will be presenting at the FFA Convention in Orlando at the end of January and at FSU on January 24th – I’d love to see you there. All attendees will be eligible for a free consultation with me and a 10% discount on any training package they purchase. You can hop on over to my website www.fluteangel.net or my training site (still in the works) www.musicstrong.com for more information.
Let’s make 2011 your strongest, best, most musical year yet!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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