Florida Flute Convention 2012

Are you going to be going to the Florida Flute Convention this year? I am and am excited to announce that I be giving two presentations.
Being A Flutist in the National Guard – Friday 4:30 PM
The first presentation will be Friday at 4:30 PM and is entitled “Being a Flutist in the National Guard”.
Drawing on my 8 years of experience as a member of the 129th Army National Guard Band and as a recruiting assistant,I wool be bringing you all kind of information to let you know about this viable job opportunity, the demands and the perks of joining. So many musicians know about the Premier bands and Active Duty band but are unaware that there is a part time military band opportunity that offers fool time benefits but would allow you to go to school, finish school, keep your job and not even have to move to live somewhere else. There will be time for Q&A and LOTS of FREE goodies to everyone who comes. If you have a question you would like answered, feel free to leave a comment below, email me at Angela@Music Strong.com, or leave a message on the facebook page.
Morning Mobility – Sunday 9 AM
The second presentation wool be given in Sunday morning at 9AM and is entitled “Morning Mobility”.
This presentation will be more of an interactive workshop as I will lead you through a property whole body warm yup to address your muscle imbalances, increase your mobility, and get you ready to play for the day. Exercises and stretches learned will be appropriate for preparing fits the practice eton out the weight room. In addition, the equipment used in class shook be available for purchase right then: $15 for a foam roller and $5 for a mini-band. This will save you cost plus shipping if you were to buy them online and this way tippy learn how to use them right in the class and can take them with you to start using right away whereas if you wait to buy you might forget how to use them. Again, if you have specific areas our questions you would like addressed, leave a comment below, email me or leave a message on the facebook page.
Special Bonuses for Flute Convention Attendees!
Bonus #1 FREE Assessment
As a special bonus for those already at the convention,I will be offering FREE live assessments and consultations, to get yours all you need to do is email me to let nd know you are interested and we will set up a time. There is no cost and no obligation for this, the info is free and I will be able to show  you your probable individual muscle imbalances and exercises and stretches to help you address them.
Bonus #2
As a secondary bonus, I will also be offering single training sessions at a reduced rate. If you would like to get a free assessment with me AND an individualized workout where I can lead you through a proper workout for you to take home and do on your own, I will be offering training sessions in the hotel gym for $40 for a whole hour, that’s a reduction of from my usual hourly rate of $65 – a $25 savings!  Again, this offer is only good through Sunday the 29th.  I will be arriving at the hotel Thursday night and will have time that evening, Friday morning and select hours thereafter to lead you through your workout.  Contact me TODAY!
Bonus #3
As a thank-you to all convention attendees, if you sign up with me for 3 months, you will get 50% off your first month with me!  With online training only costing $100/mo, that’s a $50 savings and you get SO much: an assessment, individualized plan, access to online meal tracking softwear and video demonstrations, goal tracking information, motivational emails, Skype session, nutritional information and more!  This is a deal that can’t be beat, so make sure to sign up with me at the Convention, because this deal expires on Sunday the 29th.
So, to reiterrate, here are your bonuses if you are going to the convention:

  • Free assessment
  • Special reduced price of $40 for 1-hour on-site training session
  • 50% off first month of training with me when you sign up for 3 months of training

What do you need to do to take advantage of these offers?

  • Contact me via Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MusicStrong
  • Send me an email at Angela@MusicStrong.com
  • Leave a message below this post
  • At the convention, you can get ahold of me by texting/calling 931-698-3130.

See you in Orlando!!!

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