Foam Rolling Class in Hermitage, TN!

I’m very excited to announce I’ll be leading my first foam rolling class at Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Hermitage, TN.
It’ll be 30 minutes of self-massage and just like a good massage, you feel pain followed by relief, difference being YOU are in confoamrollingtrol of the pressure. You’ll leave the session feeling more relaxed (or possibly more energized), with increase range of motion and better mobility.  Come every week and see a decrease in pain points and other areas of concern.
Best of all?  You get a workout at the same time.  Foam rolling can be done as a warmup, cooldown or a workout in and of itself, what other modality can claim that?
Come and learn proper technique and leave feeling happy.
Where: Next Level Strength and Conditioning, Hermitage, TN
When: Thursday nights at 8 PM, starting October 25
Cost: $5
Really, can you beat that?  If you’d like to pre-pay, you can “register” or pay for the class on the “shop” tab. If you like the class well enough to get your own foam roller, you can purchase those through the “resources” tab up top as well.
Hope to see you there!

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