Going to the Florida Flute Fair

This coming weekend I’m super excited to be giving my first convention presentation at the Florida Flute Fair.  Saturday morning, 9 AM at the Altamonte Springs Hilton, I will be giving the presentation “From the Weight Room to the Practice Room: Workouts to Prevent Pain”.  I’m going to be addressing the various muscular imbalances that flutists tend to acquire, and the exercises that will correct those imbalances.  I’m also going to be addressing various recovery techniques like foam rolling, dynamic warmups and stretching and everyone who comes will be getting a free sample beginner and intermediate workout to take home!

Florida Flute Fair

I’m still ironing out details, but my hope is to be able to utilize a local gym to give introductory private training sessions or form lessons.  Feel free to contact me in advance if you’d like to have a private session in Orlando!

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