Gordeli Flute Concerto and Panama City Pops

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This past May 5th I had the privelege of stepping out from among the orchestra to be accompanied by them.  At the National Flute Association Convention in Charlotte this past year, I heard Christina Jennings play this at the gala concert and said “I have to play that”.  Alas, I also REALLY wanted to play the Larry Singer piccolo concerto (a fabulous 3 movement work if you don’t know it – you can buy it at www.Little-Piper.com) and so I had that prepared and ready to go.  The maestro, upon hearing the two pieces via You Tube (as we couldn’t find many recordings of either of them) said “Oh no, we have to play the Gordelli!” so the race was on and I had to learn the piece in a few weeks, in between several long out of state trips.  The result is not (to me) my best performance, but I wanted to be able to share it with you all who were not there, regardless and hope you enjoy this wonderful piece.  The orchestra is the Panama City Pops orchestra.

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