Home (And Portable) Workout Equipment/Products

As I was surfing through my Twitter feed this morning, I came across this great link from ABC, mentioning just a few workout products that were talked about on “Good Morning America”.  Making up excuses to not exercises is about as popular (if not more so) than making up fishing stories here in America.  The truth is, people should not judge you for not exercising: if you don’t want to, that’s your decision.  Just like if you don’t want to eat brussel sprouts or wear purple socks or leave the house on Tuesday or whatever.  Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves to people if we don’t exercise? We feel guilty.

In some ways, that attitude is justified because it’s on our “list of things I know I should do because it will make me healthier”, just like eating brussel sprouts (but not like wearing purple socks). In any case, there are some products that help take away some of the more popular excuses for not exercising like “I don’t have space”, “I don’t feel comfortable at a gym and cant’ afford membership” or “I don’t have money for equipment” (use your body weight to get rid of that one!).

Behold the list:


Some of these are great for working out at home. Some of these, like the Valsides, resistance bands, COVID Comeback Challenge and Instrument Specific Workouts are EXCELLENT for travelling.  They take up very little room and can offer great workout options in small spaces.

Another option is the P90X craze.  If you want to hire a personal trainer, but don’t have the money, why not give these videos a try and make it your goal not to quit them until you’ve finished?  Much cheaper and you can do it at home.

If you would love to have a home gym  but really don’t have the space, Bowflex makes a great dumbbell product.  It’s one set of dumbbells that can be adjusted from 5 lbs all the way to 50 and can sit in the corner of your room.  I have used these and I will say, that though compact, they are a little bulky and awkward as you go up in weight and the plates increase in size.  If you don’t have space for a room full of dumbbells though, this is a great option.

Here’s are some questions to consider: where do you prefer to exercise?  How often do you exercise? What are your favorite products and which ones have given you the most results?


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