Home Gym Design


Whether you have a garage, a spare room or a new house we can not only design it for you, we can order it AND offer you personalized workouts to do once it’s built! Gym Design


If you’ve got a space you want to convert to a home gym, but aren’t sure where to start with what you need, we can take all the guesswork out for you. Whether you want bare bones minimalistic  equipment or you want to fully outfit your space like a commercial gym, we’ve got you covered.

What  we need:

  1. Dimensions of the space (and a picture, preferably)
  2.  Goals for equipment
  3. Budget

What you get:

  1. Recommendation on equipment
  2. Layout for said equipment
  3. Movement assessment and initial 1-month personalized written training plan to get you started in your new space

Upgrades available:

For an additional fee  you can get MORE done for you and get everything taken care of:

  • We can order the equipment for you, thus ensuring the best price
  • Additional virtual or in-home personal training sessions in your new gym
  • Ongoing online personal training

If you would like any of these extra options, please contact us for a full quote.

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