How to Optimize Posterior Chain Power: Glute Activation |

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Today I went on a hike to Rainbow Falls, in Gatlinburg, TN.

Rainbow Falls

While hiking, my comrades and I got to talking about their knee injuries and I mentioned to them, the possible reason for their knees hurting after awhile is that their glutes area asleep.  After they got over the confusion of what I just said, they asked what I meant.  Only too happy to explain, I told them that we live in a sitting society.  The body is meant to move, not sit, and when you sit for so long, your hip flexors get shortened and tight, same with your quads, and then your hamstrings get stretched and your glutes do not fire properly.  Thus, your glutes are asleep and need to be activated so they can do their job properly.  If the glutes are not doing their job properly, your quads will take over.  This can present a problem because when you climb stairs, for example, your hamstrings and glutes should be doing a lot of the work to pull you up the stairs.  If they are asleep and your quads are pushing you up the stairs, this could lead to injury very easily.
For suggestions on how to fix this and some great videos, check out this link:
How to Optimize Posterior Chain Power: Glute Activation |
This is one of those great things to practice after sitting on a bus/car travelling all day!  Or, for that matter, sitting in rehearsal or in front of a computer, typing.

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