podcast ep 31

Interview on “Building Stronger Creatives” podcast

Are you a musician who’s curious about lifting weights?

This episode of the Building Stronger Creatives podcast is for you.

Caroline is a trombonist and fellow strength coach passionate about helping musicians.

From Caroline on what this episode is about:

Angela has spent the last 13+ years helping musicians use strength training to reduce pain and injury risk, play with greater ease and live better lives. I love her musician-specific approach to training and I admire that she’s in the trenches at conferences, seminars and workshops with the musicians who really need this information. We discuss many things in this episode including:

💪🏼Angela’s personal experiences with flute and exercise injuries

💪🏼Why building strength makes you a more resilient musician and human

💪🏼Whether or not muscle imbalances in musicians are a bad thing

💪🏼The most common pain/dysfunction areas she sees in her musician clients and how she helps address them

💪🏼Why musicians need to be training their entire body, not just their arms

💪🏼How to get started with strength training even if you feel out of place at the gym

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Books and links discussed in this episode:

“No Sweat: How the Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness” by Michelle Segar

“The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson

And the 4 part Healthy Habits Series on the Tuned and Strong podcast which you can get info and links here  or watch live on my You Tube Channel.