MusicStrong Certification

From $500.00 / month

Did you know that up to 93% of musicians experience playing related pain or injury? How many hushed conversations have you had about a lingering “shoulder pain” or weird tingling in your fingers, low back pain, weakness and “crampy weakness” in your extremeties…so many right? It’s time start talking about our struggles, pain and frustrations in a private space where we don’t just complain and mobilize, we strengthen muscles, career successes and build each other up!  This program combines the content of WHAT to do with the knowledge of HOW to do it and the guidance of WHO to seek out when something isn’t working.


This isn’t just an exercise routine.

In 90 days, you’re gaining much more than a workout; you’re getting the Music Strong Certification. It’s more than just learning exercises. You’re diving deep into your body, understanding what it needs, and figuring out how it functions so that you can steer clear of career-threatening injuries. By the end of the program, you won’t just be knowledgeable; you’ll be equipped to help yourself and others, crafting your personal set of corrective exercises.

For many musicians, pain or injury is a common experience—9 out of 10, to be precise. If that doesn’t resonate with you now, it might be just a matter of time. Or perhaps you know someone silently suffering, fearing the industry might see their pain as a weakness (which it absolutely is not!). If this sounds familiar, the Music Strong Certification is the answer. It’s not just about acknowledging weaknesses; it’s about building a lasting career, reducing pain, avoiding injury, and supporting those you care about in the industry to keep playing at their best.

If you haven’t caught the detailed video yet, here’s a quick rundown of what awaits you in the program. And if you haven’t received an email with all the essential details and fantastic extras (especially if you love bonuses!), drop me a message so you’re all set and excited to join us!

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