The Musician’s Essential Exercises – Print Edition


Just the essentials of what you need to know as a musician to keep yourself healthy, strong and pain-free!  Mostly bodyweight stretches and exercises to be done backstage, in the practice room, pre-workout or pre-performance!

Revised and expanded, the new edition gives you the option of color or black and white version! (Color edition coming soon!) 



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You know you need to exercise, it’s vital to keep you at the top of your game, but 1) you don’t want to injure yourself because you don’t know what you’re doing  and 2) you don’t know what to do.

This book takes the essentials and boils them down for the the musician with no exercise experience whatsoever to be able to exercise safely and effectively  with exercises that are specific to what musician’s need, and that is to PREVENT injury!

Basic exercises can be done anywhere from a practice room to a gym to a tour bus with no equipment, though progressions and options are given with basic equipment.

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