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Ep. 46: Mistakes Musicians Make Part 2: Shame, Blame and Ignoring Pain

Liberating Yourself From Musical Martyrdom


Mistakes Musicians Make Part 2: Shame, Blame and Ignoring Pain


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If you get to the point where you're feeling like I have to say yes to this gig because I have to have the money but I hurt... but I have to... Well I hurt but I can't say no - yes you can."

If something isn't working take care of it now.

So many of our pain injuries can be traced back to either ignorance of not knowing what to do, being shamed into feeling like we have to take every gig or that we are shamed and blamed for having the injury in the first place and are just told to "take care of it" with no guidance.

In this episode we cover the myths surrounding shame blame and ignoring pain and what you can do about it as a musician to have a long healthy career

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