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Ep. 63: Music is Movement

Music is Movement


Music is Movement


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Do you move when you play? Are you SURE?

Oftentimes during musical performance, we are so engaged in our sound that we become unaware of our physical movements or orientation in space. Even if we did try to measure and notate our movements, how would we accomplish this?

This week we chat with Simone Maurer as she discusses her outside-the-box research cross-applying Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, commonly used by dancers, to musical performance. And learn how often musicians do not actually know what their bodies are doing on stage!

Thank you to Simone Maurer for joining Jen and I on this episode of the Tuned and Strong podcast and the 4th in our series "Interviews with the Performance Health Committee". We are interviewing current members of the National Flute Association Performance Health Committee in this series.

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For more information on Simone Maurer and her research, visit www.simonemaurermusic.com and follow @simone_maurer on Instagram.

For more information on Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, visit:
Laban Institute
Trinity Laban

Some online places to buy/borrow books on Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals:


Do you ever wish composers know the struggles we experienced while playing their pieces?

You know there are just some of those musical pieces that take a toll on your body? We love them but as in the case of our latest podcast guest, harpist Danielle Kuntz, the piece by Prokofiev she referenced just automatically is understood that you will develop tendonitis by the end of playing it.

Isn't it insane? Don't you wish composers knew how to better write for your instrument?

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