Music Strong Goal Challenge 2014

The goal here is to change your daily habits, which will change your life. This is not a quick fix. This is a life change.
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired with yourself? You vow, seemingly daily, to get back on the right track, to do what it takes, to meet your goals. You know what to do but by the end of the day, you realize you’re exactly where you started or even behind where you started the day instead of making progress.
Are you ready to change that?
Are you ready to meet your goals and even exceed them?
It’s time. Accountability is one of the greatest factors of success. Look at Weight Watchers, they have it on two levels: the honor system where you don’t go over your points each day and your weekly check in.
I’m running an accountability group challenge, starting Sunday February 23. Your goal could be anything: weight loss, fat loss, increased pushups, business success, debt reduction, etc. The goal doesn’t matter, the results do. More information is forthcoming, but if you want in, sign up here. All I ask is that you post information at the beginning stating who you are and what your goal is and why you want it, and every week at least detail the steps you’ve taken towards meeting that goal.

  • If you are pursuing weight loss, use my 10 week article series Get Off the Hamster Wheel! 10 Steps to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.  The list starts with tip #1, it is at the bottom of this page:
  • If you are using another book for guidance, please list it.
  • When: “registration” is February 23-28. Challenge officially begins March 1 and runs through May 1
  • What is required?: To join you must state who you are and what your goal is. The goal must be specific and attainable (aka: dropping 100 lbs in 2 months or saving $1M is not attainable, though specific.) Your goal must also have a date. So state your goal in specific terms:

My goal is to Save $1000 and have that amount of money set aside in an account by May 1.
My goal is to lose 20 lbs (or reach a goal weight of XXX) by May 1.
My goal is to be a size 4 in jeans by May 1
My goal is to have read a 1000 page novel by May 1.
My goal is to go through the entire T&G exercise book for flute by May 1.
etc. etc. etc.
All realistic, all attainable, all with deadlines.

  • You need some measure of checking your progress so feel free to post before and after pictures/soundfiles/word documents of yourself/your playing/ your progress/your measurements, etc.

Next, you must name 3 things:

  1. What are you willing to give up?
  2. What small, seemingly insignificant thing are you willing to do each and every day to push you towards your goal?
  3. You must write your goals down somewhere and look at them every day.

Then you come to the group (see below) and post your daily update: what you did, if you failed, what you learned, etc. and everyone in the group will applaud your efforts and encourage you along.
This group is based on the honor system. If you lie, you only cheat yourself.
Prizes: for everyone who successfully completes this challenge (reaches their goal by May 1,) you will receive a month of free online or in person training with me. If I can think of a better prize (or you have suggestions) please contribute!

Are you in?
If you would like to join us, come join the Facebook group and “register” at
Goal Challenge 2014 Group:
The group is only open for one week. After this week you will need to be added to the group to join. How do you do this? Tell me you’re in below, or you can post in the Facebook announcement on my page:

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