Music Strong in Las Vegas!

las vegas

I am proud to announce that we will presenting at the National Flute Association Convention in August at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV! This year’s convention will be held August 8-11th.

I will be giving two presentations this year, this first is a workshop called “Morning Mobility”. The second is part of a “What To Do After College” round table and my presentation is titled “Being A Flutist in the National Guard”. I’ll give the perks, benefits, requirements and a detail of daily life as a part-time soldier/flutist I’ve got LOTS of goodies to hand out, so I hope to see you there!

Join the discussion on Facebook! Hop on over to the Facebook event page and let me know you are coming. Ask questions, and I may put your questions in as part of my presentation. You can join the discussion and tell me you are coming on Facebook here! 🙂

The Morning Mobility presentation will focus on how to warm-up your body before practicing, performing or the weight room and safe stretches you can do anywhere. We will utilize foam rollers, mini bands and I will show you exercises you can do in and out of the practice room.

I will have a very limited amount of materials on hand, but would rather sell them than take them back with me. At the presentation I will have foam rollers and mini bands there, you are welcome to take them off my hands at the end of the presentation, please let me know you are interested in advance if you can. If you would like more information about these products, or would like to order your own:

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