Music Strong is now an Ambassador for Power Crunch Bars!

There are very few protein bars on the market out there that are not loaded up with garbage, junk soy protein, fillers or are basically candy bars in disguise. I have only found two that I support – Power Crunch Bars are one of them.
I have been consuming these bars for years now. I first found out about them when I worked at Vitamin Shoppe and people would ask for bar recommendations. I was new and didn’t know what to tell them. The seasoned employees soon guided me in the direction of the Power Crunch Bars and told me “People by these by the box-ful, ESPECIALLY the peanut butter ones”. Quite honestly, if you like Nutter Butter bars, you will like the peanut butter Power Crunch Bars. They are AMAZIING. Being different myself, I’ve tried them all and while I like them, my personal favorite is the Cookies and Creme flavor. It really hits the spot when my sweet tooth strikes. Of course, one of my favorite fitness icons, Monica Brant, is their spokesperson and I thought “well, if it’s good enough for Monica, it’s good enough for me!”
What you should do is try these bars for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed! I have a very limited number I can sell to you and if you would like a free bar from me, I’m happy to give it out. Like I said, supplies are EXTREMELY limited, so I highly recommend purchasing a bar for yourself to try. You can get them at several locations including Vitamin Shoppe and Trader Joe’s and of course, here on my website until they’re gone!
Again, I’m thrilled to have been able to partner with BNRG Power Crunch Bars and I look forward to being able to promote their product as one of the very few in the industry I believe in.

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