Musician Earplugs


Made by Etymotic Research these are the earplugs I’ve been using since high school and I have documented almost zero hearing loss! I use these whenever I practice piccolo, when I’m in a band/orchestra/marching/parade/concert situation and ALWAYS keep an extra set in my purse so when I go listen to live music that might happen to be too loud, I can enjoy it while discreetly protecting my hearing.  To describe it best, I feel like these inexpensive ear plugs ” take the noise out of the sound” and really allow me to hear better than without.  Perfect for those 1) with sensitive ears 2) hearing loss 3) wanting to prevent hearing loss 4) musicians playing at or listening to live shows/concerts.  These are for the 20XS which I’ve been personally using for years and you can see cover a wide variety of situations.

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