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New Decade Special!

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It’s not just a new year coming up, it’s an entirely new decade!  Forget New Year’s resolutions, why not change your lifestyle habits and finally get real lasting results?

One of the biggest hindrances I hear musician have when it comes to fitness is a lack of consistency in their schedule.  However, there are times, like the next few weeks, when the schedule slows down, the gigs slow, the recording slows, the tour ends, you take a break from the studio and the stage and you rest…as you should.


Sometimes that turns into too much idle time. A lot of times we think “oh this is the perfect time for me to go to the gym since I have time!…..but what do I do?”  so you either go and feel like your time is wasted or you don’t go at all.

Let’s turn this down time into ME TIME. Let’s take this time and see what real, consistent, progressive training looks like so you can start to make fitness a priority – sometimes all you need is two weeks to really see what structured fitness training can do for you physically, mentally and emotionally and also for your career!

Ideally, you can then transition that new found appreciation into a program that works for you – either 2x/week with hours that roll over to the next month if you don’t use them, or an online touring/training package so you have your workout on the go and can train with me when you get back in town.

Either way….it’s two weeks, and wouldn’t you like someone to do the work for you for that short amount of time?

So click on the picture and let’s get started!

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