New Year Special


Let’s make this the year you start taking care of YOU!

A big reason people don’t meet their fitness goals is a lack of consistency.  And….personal training can be a scary thing if you’ve never done it before.  Our promo overcomes BOTH of these obstacles – and what better time to change your habits and try something new than the new year!

What will you get?

  • Complimentary consult where we will go over your goal and schedule your sessions.
  • Complimentary movement assessment – this allows us to better personalize your training plan
  • A completely individualized program, tailored to how you move, your goals and your abilities
  • Private training in a private gym – both locations are private, the intimidate factor is gone because the only people there are other trainers and their clients.
  • 3 or 6 (depending on package purchased)  1-hour training sessions with qualified trainer and musician fitness coach (no, you do not have to be a musician to take advantage of this offer)
  • A new sense of confidence as you learn your way around the weight room and how your own body works
  • A sense of accomplishment for finally committing to that fitness goal!
  • Confidence and endorphins, as you see your body quickly start to change before your eyes, gaining strength, better posture, better mobility, less stiffness and pain and better sleep!

Purchase directly here through our safe, encrypted website, and we’ll contact you to set up your first session!



For a limited time, we are running an intro special:
3 sessions for only $199 or 6 sessions for only $349!

You may purchase this for yourself or purchase as a gift.