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The 2011 National Flute Association Convention Brochure is online now and will be shipped out to thousands of flutists worldwide in the next couple of weeks.  I took a peek at it today and got a nice surprise, my presentation “Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weightlifting for Efficient Flute Playing” has been listed on the brochure on Body, Mind and Spirit!  I’m super excited to be presenting as this will be my first presentation at a National Convention, but not the last, as I will actually be involved in TWO presentations at this convention!  The second presentation is titled “Practical Steps Towards Injury Prevention and Management” and will actually be a type of round-table discussion in which myself and three other experts will discuss practical ways to reduce the risk of playing-related injuries.  My fellow presenters for this presentation are: Karen Lonsdale, Lea Pearson and Dr. Susan Fain.
The NFA Brochure:

2011 NFA Brochure

I hope to see a good many of you there at the convention!  Let me know you’re coming and then come introduce yourself!
Want more information on the two presentations?

Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weight Lifting for Efficient Flute Playing

In the moment, you want to focus on making music … not on how much your shoulder hurts. Many musicians run and do yoga, but few seriously resistance train. Pain doesn’t go away if you ignore it, so learn how to fix it! In this session Angela will help you become more aware of your body, improve your endurance, restore your freedom of movement and combat muscle weakness by showing you how to lift, what exercises to do, and how to stretch properly before and after you play. Leave the session emboldened by the knowledge that you can walk into any weight room with confidence and purpose, and you can return to the stage with love for what you do, without fear of pain!

Practical Steps Toward Injury Prevention and Management

Several major surveys since the early nineties have indicated a significant rate of flute playing-related injuries, typically in the neck, shoulder, back, and hand/wrist areas. Yet leading performing arts medicine specialists suggest that many of these injuries are preventable. Simple modifications to practice routines, instruments, and lifestyle, as well as increased awareness of positioning can lead to healthier playing con…ditions. Our expert panel will discuss practical ways in which teachers and performers can reduce the risk of playing-related injuries occurring, and therefore, be able to sustain happy and healthy playing lives. Some of the topics to be discussed will be fitness, awareness (including Body Mapping), rehabilitative and preventative exercise, as well as ergonomic solutions in the teaching studio and rehearsal environments.
Panel Members:
Karen Lonsdale is a freelance flutist, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She teaches flute at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, where she is also in the completion stage of a Doctor of Musical Arts.
Lea Pearson has a DMA in flute from Ohio State and authored the acclaimed pedagogy tool “Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body.” Lea is an Andover Educator, coaching musicians on body use privately and in workshops & master classes. See
Susan Fain received her DMA in flute from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Fain’s dissertation on the physical aspects of flute playing recently won the NFA PhD/DMA Competition. She is working part-time as a PT and is developing health promotions for musicians.
Angela McCuiston holds a MM from FSU in flute performance is a NASM certified personal trainer. Winner of the 2007 NFA Piccolo Masterclass Competition, she plays with the 129th Army Band, Nashville, TN & Sinfonia Gulf Coast of Destin while maintaining an active teaching & personal training career.,
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