Off to NFA!

It’s finally here!  Hard to believe it but today I am leaving to go to the National Flute Association Convention.  I will have a JAM-PACKED schedule and that doesn’t even include just going around to the things I WANT to visit!
So far:
Wednesday: Meet up with Flute Specialists and see if I can help them set up their booth.  This is after checking in, of course. 🙂
8AM “You on the Page” Career Artistic Development Mini-Conference participant
9 AM: “You in Pictures” CAD mini-conference Participant
5 PM: Presenting  “Practical Steps Towards Injury Prevention and Management”
8 AM: “You in Your Work” CAD mini-conference participant
9 AM: “You, learning from others” CAD
8 AM: Presenting “Lift, Play, Love: Basic Weight Lifting for Efficient Flute Playing”
That, of course, doesn’t include going to the other lectures, exhibits, classes and playing!  I hope to do a good bit of reading and playing with others and I’m really looking forward to it.  If not there, you just might find me hanging out around the Flute Specialists table, maybe even in the gym doing my own workout or helping others.
Want to see the entire schedule?  Check out my previous post with a link to it!
If you’re there, I really look forward to meeting you- come say hi!  When I get back, I fully intend to write up a nice recap of the experiences with links to my handouts.  See you in Charlotte!

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