Online Coaching

$300.00 / month

Stuck at home during COVID-19?

Originally designed for those who wanted to train with us but didn’t live close to Nashville, the pandemic has expanded our options so we can train you from anywhere.  This option is really great for those who want to workout, but don’t know what to do – it’s essentially personal training on your own time with whatever you have. online training

When you enroll in online training with me, you’ll get an initial consultation and movement assessment via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, and from there I’ll design you a personal workout program that takes into account your goals, equipment and schedule/lifestyle. Why settle for cookie cutter programs or generic group workouts when you can get real PERSONAL training tailored to you, wherever you are?

Details below:

Don’t let traveling be your excuse for missing the gym ever again.  Whether you want to workout and don’t know what to do, or just want a personalized program you can do on your own time, this is for you.  You get to work with me online, and get your own personalized program, updated monthly, with a free app so you can do your workouts anywhere, anytime.

Live in or travel to Nashville? This is perfectly paired with our Total Accountability session.


Online training allows you to get the benefits of a personalized training program but done on your own time.  When you sign up with us, we ask for a minimum 3 month commitment, which is typically how long it takes to see and feel real, measurable results. The price you see is per month and will be charged every month for 3 months, with a month-to-month commitment after that (or spaced out if you use the PayPal option).  After you purchase this, a link to to set up your initial Zoom session for a movement analysis will be sent and we’re off!

What you get:

  • detailed movement analysis via video call
  • personalized training program based on your body, your goals, your equipment and your schedule.
  • free app with your workout program. Take your workout anywhere with you. Each exercise comes with a video description and form checks. You’ll also be able to log your results. Also able to log things like nutrition, sleep, etc.
  • a new periodized, progressive, personalized workout every month
  • send pictures and videos from the app!
  • 24/7 coach access via message system

This is a great option for those who live a far distance from Nashville and are self motivated. Works best when purchased with the with 1-1 individual sessions.

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