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Podcast Interview with Judy Rodman

Getting physically injured can temporarily stop or permanently end a music career.

This episode of the All Things Vocal Blog & Podcast by Judy Rodman is for you!

A brief introduction to Judy:

She is the author of several pro-level vocal training courses for singers and speakers. She is creator and host of ‘All Things Vocal’ blog and podcast which respectively have over two million views and 174,000 plays. As public speaker, she presents to industry groups on various aspects of the professional voice.

Judy Rodman’s transformational work with singers and speakers comes from over 5 decades of award-winning success as studio and stage vocalist, speaker, studio producer, author, songwriter and vocal coach. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, she trains singers and speakers globally in online lessons and courses.

Visit her WEBSITE and YouTube channel for more videos and information about Judy Rodman.

Going back to Judy’s Podcast Episode: Singers & Musicians: Get Fit, Not Hurt!

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • My own playing-related injury episodes that eventually led through frustration to creating ‘Music Strong’, where I help musicians get fit for more strength and endurance, and get targeted remedial exercises for muscle imbalances and injuries.
  • Judy’s vocal cord injury leading to her work with injured voices.
  • Integration of multiple protocols of healing, including Alexander Technique, Barbara Conable’s body mapping, Eva Amsler’s dynamic integration
  • Some key physical issues of guitarists and pianists that she works with.
  • The importance of muscle balance – including the muscles working the singer’s chest and head registers.
  • What older music makers should look for in a personal trainer.
  • Programs that I offers through ‘Music Strong’, such as her personal workout sessions, instrument-specific fitness training, her ‘Covid Comeback’ program, and her proposed ‘Music Strong Wellness Center.
  • The highly effective free exercises that I offer on my Youtube channel
  • And more!