Protein “Nutter Butter” Bar?

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Is it possible?
If you haven’t tried the Peanut Butter Creme flavor of Power Crunch Bars then you obviously don’t know. These taste ridiculously similar to “Nutter Butter” candy bars – they are wafer cookies with protein creme and I’ve been told they are amazing straight out of the freezer!
PowerCrunchAs a Power Crunch Ambassador, I’m happy to announce that I have access to a lot of these products at a discount, monthly, on a limited basis.  I would LOVE for you to try them! Each month, I have a certain amount of bars that I will be able to sell on a first come, first served basis.  When they are gone, they are gone.  This is a great way to try the bars without the commitment of an entire box and I know that that is not easy to find, unless you can go to a local store to buy them, and that’s not an option for everyone. Click here to order.
I also have access to their protein powder Proto-Whey. Click here to order.  Due to the nature of this product, I have very limited supplies on hand, again, first come, first serve, and I will be able to get it starting next month.  If you would like to get a 2 lb jug from me, please contact me ASAP and I will be able to order it for you, or put you on the waiting list for next month.  Currently, I have access to the Cafe Mocha and Strawberry flavors. And as of right now I have 1 Cafe Mocha in stock available to get out to you!
Why should you buy it from me?
DISCOUNTS, BABY!  Who doesn’t love a good deal? We are all trying to save money and being an Ambassador, I have access to these products at a great discount, which I am happy to pass on to you.  What kind of savings?

  • Proto Whey: on the website: $44.99, in store (or online+shipping): $35.99  My price to you? $24.99
  • Power Crunch: not available individually except in store at $1.89 each+tax.  My price to you? $1.49

All you need to add is the cost of shipping which can be done via USPS Priority Mail,  or Parcel Post.  Since it is the summer months, and the bars are prone to melting, if you don’t select expedited shipping, I highly recommend shipping with a cold pack.  This means that per order, I will ship in a box with a cold pack, to prevent melting.
All of these items can be found in my store under the “Shop” tab above or by clicking this link.
Please keep in mind that as I am going out of town, these orders will be available to be shipped on June 27.  Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do!

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