Resistance Training for String Musicians – professional study

YAY!! More studies on resistance training for string musicians showing positive results! There is still such a lack of scientific study in this area, so glad to see more research is being done! pubmed 300x107

I only have access to the abstract (if anyone can send me the full study, please share!) but from what I gather:

24 string musicians from 3 separate symphonies were studied, performing individually designed exercise sessions twice a week over an 11-week period. The researchers wanted to evaluate “whether a functional resistance training program can increase isometric back endurance and isometric strength in the neck, shoulder, and wrist for professional string musicians and affect their perceived performance during instrumental play, as well as their muscle and joint mobility and the occurrence and intensity of pain.”

The results?

“The group showed an 11% to 19% increase in isometric strength for neck and upper extremities and 25% improved isometric endurance in back extensors (p<0.05). Moreover, 29% to 59% of the group showed improvements in mobility”

Corrective exercise FTW!! More studies done please!

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