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Save the Sing Off! « Michael Boyle’s Blog – Save Acapella Music

sing offSave the Sing Off! « Michael Boyle’s Blog.
Michael Boyle is a strength coach I highly admire and respect, so imagine my surprise when this morning he published a post about saving an Acapella singing show on TV!

I know, most days we are talking strength and conditioning or nutrition but today we visit the world of entertainment. The Sing Off, the best show on TV, is in danger of not having season 4. Please sign this petition so that we can have another great season of acapella music.

Acapella music is a dying art form, for no other reason than we have come to rely on technology and “Auto Tune” so much that these singers who get paid millions of dollars, can’t give a quality live performance.  As a professionally trained musician, this is one of my pet peeves; it offends my work ethic, my sense of discipline and demeans those who work so hard at this art form and get little to no reward.  As someone who grew up and still attends a church where we do not have instrumental music, but only do acapella singing, I can attest to the worth of this.  God gave us voices to use, not to be re-done by technology.  Let’s reward those with the talent and discipline to learn to sing acapella.  Read the information below from the Petition and please join me in signing.  This is a huge part of American heritage, let’s not let it die!

The Petition

The Sing-Off, outside of being the one of the networks 3rd highest rated shows, is one of the most positive shows on television.

It is an instrumental part of developing a stronger appreciation for the arts at a time when the teaching of art and music is under attack at almost every level.
While other entertainment venues of its kind rely on either negativity, or dumbing down of the skill involved in the art-form.

The Sing-Off fosters a real standard of quality in those that tread across its stage. The past contestants of The Sing-Off have shown themselves to be resilient practitioners of A Cappella music and stalwart champions of music in education. They have shown depth of character in helping their fellow competitors, long after the end of their respective seasons. They have gone around the world to help show that music can truly be the universal language. Help this continue! Sign this petition, and help convince the NBC network that The Sing-Off deserves another season.


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