instrument specific workouts

instrument specific workouts

You may not be performing on stage at the moment but practicing can still wear tear on your body. The team at Music Strong is here to help! In 1.5 hours we will walk you through an instrument specific workout that will keep you strong, healthy and injury free throughout your career as a musician.

What you’ll learn

  • Proper form
  • Workout order
  • How to mobilize, stretch and activate
  • What specific exercises you need to do for each instrument to help you avoid injury, increase strength and endurance and correct muscle imbalances.

Each workout is designed specifically for YOUR instrument and includes:

  • Mobility
  • Specific strength exercises
  • Basics of form and strength training technique
  • Progressions and Regressions
  • Options for if you have equipment, access to a gym or no equipment at all
  • a downloadable PDF of the workout
  • The recording of the workout so you can watch it at your leisure.

Essential Exercises Workouts

In these workouts we will go through my book and cover the basics of form and the bare bones exercises you need to be doing in any workout as a musician. These will be based off my book “The Musician’s Essential Exercises” – we will be going through the book, explaining and doing the exercises and also going through and doing the workouts in the back so you can feel competent going forward with any workout you do, knowing what is appropriate for you. The Essential Exercises workouts are separate from the instrument specific workouts. You do not need the book but it is helpful. These workouts are not included in the Buy 5 deal, but 1 workout IS included if you buy all as a package.

Workouts Available


Essential Exercises






Audio Engineer















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All video access: You can get access to all 20 instrument specific workouts plus 1 Essential Exercises video for the discounted rate of $1200, which is 5 free classes and a savings of $459! That’s all 20 classes (both live AND recorded) and 20 instrument specific workout PDFs, plus the Essential Exercises class of your choice. 


This gives us the optimal amount of time without being rushed to be able to not just do a workout, but explain the how and why and lead you through it all.

Doing? Yes. Working out like you would normally do in a gym? No!

These are structured with little to no equipment, but I will definitely show you options if you do have equipment!  Foam roller, lacrosse ball, exercise bands, dumbbells are all things I may use.

All the workouts include a 1-1.5 hour workout tutorial video explaining the how and why behind every exercise. You will also get a PDF with the written workout, including bonus material!

You’ll be sent an email with the download details.

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