Spring is Coming, What are you Going to Do?

Concerts, Camps, Festivals, Workshops, Etc.

Spring and Summer are the times of year when we see a huge influx of camps and workshops, all geared towards immersing ourselves in what we love.
First up,

Interlochen Arts Academy is holding a special performance by their theatre and jazz students on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00pm in Naples, Florida.

Beverly Hall
Naples United Church of Christ
5200 Crayton Road (map)
Naples, Florida
admission is free
For more information, call the Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 231.276.7472.
BodyMapping and Andover Educators Conference
If you have ever wanted to learn more about Body Mapping, this would be a fantastic opportunity!  The Andover Education Board is holding their Fifth Biennial Conference

Andover Educators Fifth Biennial Conference
June 18-22, 2011
John J. Cali School of Music
Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ

Advance planning information:
Fri, June 17  travel day & check-in starting 12 pm
Conference starts early Saturday & concludes 1 pm Wednesday
Closest airport is Newark Liberty
More information coming soon!

There will be sessions not only on Body Mapping, but also on Feldenkrais, Focal Dystonia, Neuroscience for Musicians and INDIVIDUAL LESSONS!


There will be pre-conference training opportunities on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17th for Andover Educator trainees only. All four sponsoring teachers [Janet Alcorn, Jennifer Johnson, Amy Likar and Lisa Marsh] will be available for private lessons on Thursday and group lessons and private lessons on Friday. The private lesson fee is $80 per lesson and the group lesson fee is $100 for the day on Friday. Housing is available on campus, but you’ll be on your own for meals before the conference. If you are a trainee and want to take advantage of this opportunity, the first thing you need to do is go to the Google Calendar and check what spots are open.  If there are remaining open lesson times after May 1st, then anybody can sign up.


What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body, Hours 2-5
Presenters: Janet Alcorn, Professor Emeritus of Voice, Iowa State University;  Jennifer Johnson, Author of “What Every Violinist Needs to Know about the Body”;  Amy Likar, President and Director of Training Andover Educators; Lisa Marsh, Director of Coordinate Movement Program, Portland State University

These sessions are a continuation of the “Introduction to Body Mapping” session presented by Barbara Conable. Hours 2-5 of the course will be presented by each of the Andover Educator Supervising Teachers.  Each will be teaching at the same time, in different locations.  Learn how accessing your body map can lead to freer, easier movement for music

Common Upper Extremity Diagnoses Affecting Musicians: The Therapists’ Treatment Process
Presenter: Ruth Lekander, Andover Educator Trainee and Certified Hand Therapist
A clear and concise description of the anatomy and pathophysiology of common upper extremity diagnoses affecting musicians, typical compensation patterns and how they are treated in a therapy setting.

Recovering from Dystonia: One Musician’s Journey
Presenter:  David Vining, Professor of Trombone at Northern Arizona University.
Information about what dystonia is, what the treatment options are, retraining after diagnosis, and how to avoid trouble will be discussed.

Body Mapping with Kids in Mind
Presenter:  Connie Barrett, Acclaimed string educator
The session will cover the use various toys, books, and models used for teaching anatomy and biology to children in grades 3-8. An appropriate curriculum will be demonstrated using Body Mapping and its practical application in teaching beginning and intermediate string players.

The Relationship between Interpretation and Movement
Presenter: Anita King, Professor of Piano at Willamette University
This presentation will clarify the connection between analysis and actual performance.  Connect the complex organization of movement to musical structure, emphasizing approaches to music analysis that clarify the relationship between the details of the melodic/rhythmic “surface” and the deeper levels revealed by the harmonic rhythm and phrase structure. See how performance and teaching can be more integrated and holistic when movement choices and responses are in direct relation to the musical text.

The Impact of Body Mapping on Student Musicians’ Perceptions of their Performance and Development
Presenter:  Heather Buchanan, Professor of Choral Studies at Montclair State University
Practical information gleaned from the Body Mapping research done at Montclair State University will be presented.  Parameters and key points from the study will be summarized as well as examples from case studies including trajectory of learning experience, aspects that contributed positively and negatively and how the research made the presenter a better teacher.

Performance Area Orientation Sessions (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)
Presenters:  Cynthia McGladrey, female voice, Instructor of Body Mapping at George Fox University;  David Nesmith, high brass, Professor of Horn, Denison University;  Sherill Roberts, low strings, Member Portland Opera Orchestra;  Kerry Travers, high strings, Suzuki Violin Teacher;  David Vining, low brass, Licensed Andover Educator, Professor of Trombone, Northern Arizona University;  Kelly Mollnow Wilson, flute, Instrumental Music teacher, grades 5-12;  Kurt-Alexander Zeller, male voice, Professor of Voice at Clayton State University

These will be participatory sessions for people to physically experience working with instruments they don’t play.  Attendees can become familiar with common mismappings for each instrument and have a resident expert available to ask questions.

Presenting a Successful Workshop
Presenter: Lea Pearson, Author of “Body Mapping for Flutists” Based on best practices for training teaching artists as defined by artist trainers at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, this workshop will offer tools to help Body Mapping presenters develop the process of planning and leading workshops.

How to Read a Room, Field Difficult Questions, Manage Your Time, and Survive to Talk About It
Presenter:  Michelle Kunz, Certified Professional Coach, and Member of the Washington National Opera Chorus.
This session will help those seeking advice on how to keep a workshop flowing within the level and context of those who are present, read your classroom for understanding, and intelligently deal with difficult questions that may come up. We’ll also address how to tame that presentation performance anxiety beast.

All Things Technical
Presenter:  Meerenai Shim, Andover Educator Trainee, Flutist, Webmaster for bodymap.org
This will be a Question and Answer session on using the new website, working with Yahoo Groups and other Techology Questions.

Special Guest Sessions
More on the Mind-Body Dichotomy
Presenter: T. Richard Nichols, Professor and Chair of Applied Physiology at Georgia Tech University and Science Advisor to Andover Educators
In the last few decades, many investigations of the control of skilled movements such as musical performance have been focused on the role of the cerebral cortex and the associated anatomical and functional maps.  As a result of this work, progress has been made in the understanding not only of how we move, but also of the basis of occupational disorders such as the focal dystonias.  However, the focus on the cerebral cortex has perhaps led to a new version of the mind-body dichotomy, in which the connections between the cortex and body are not sufficiently emphasized.  In this session, we will discuss research supporting that the dimensions of musical performance (consciousness, motor skill, emotion memory, etc.) result from an integration of processes distributed throughout the central nervous system and body.We will also review manifestations of occupational motor disorders in subcortical
structures to further illustrate the unity of body and mind.

Neuroscience for Musicians
Presenter: Lois Svard, professor of piano and chair of the department of music at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
Over the past thirty years, neuroscientists have studied the brain basis of almost every aspect of music, from discrete elements such as pitch, rhythm, and melody, to more complex issues such as sight-reading, performance anxiety, emotion, improvisation, and memory. Other areas of neuroscience research, not originally studied in relationship to musicians, have also been found to have relevance for how we learn music and how we perform.  Some of these areas include plasticity, mirror neurons, motor imagery, and one of the newest and most exciting areas, error detection and monitoring. There is a wealth of scientific information that has been gathered about the processing of music in the brain; yet most musicians remain unaware of these astonishing findings and how we can use them to supplement more traditional ideas about pedagogy.  This presentation will discuss some of these exciting research areas and their practical applications in the teaching studio, the practice room, and on the concert stage. Lois Svard is well known
for her performances and recordings of contemporary American piano music.  Her recent DVD of Annea Lockwood’s prepared-piano work, Ear-Walking Woman, has been met with critical acclaim in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Svard also does research into the applications of recent discoveries in brain science for the study and performance of music.  Results of her work have been presented at national music conferences such as Music Teachers National Association and the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, at national neuroscience conferences such as the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, and Neuroscience 2006, and most recently at the International Society for Music Education in Beijing, China.  She holds a doctorate in piano performance from The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University.

If you have any kind of interest in the body, musician’s injuries, therapy, etc. I highly suggest attending this conference, even if just for a day.  So often we don’t understand how our own bodies work and operate and changing our erroneous perceptions can make all the difference in the world to our performing, playing and auditioning!  This conference is for all musicians, not just flutists.

Flute Festivals and Fairs

There are a myriad of different festivals going on this Spring, here are just a few:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair hosted by the Flute Society of Washington, February 19-20, 2011 at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, VA. Guest Artists include Marina Piccinini and Jim Walker.
  • The New York Flute Fair hosted by the New York Flute Club, March 13, 2011 at the Lighthouse in New York City. Guest Artist is Paula Robison.
  • The Portland Flute Fair hosted by the Greater Portland Flute Society, April 2, 2011 at Aloha High School in Aloha, OR. Guest Artist is Marianne Gedigian.
  • The Seattle Flute Festival hosted by the Seattle Flute Society, April 3, 2011 at Town Hall in Seattle, WA. Guest Artist is Denis Bouriakov.
Los Angeles, CA

6/19/2011 – 6/25/2011

Iowa Flute Festival  MORE INFO
Iowa City, IA

Iowa Piccolo Intensive  MORE INFO
Iowa City, IA
5/31/2011 – 6/3/2011

Berklee Flute Weekend  MORE INFO
Boston, MA
6/24/2011 – 6/26/2011

New England Conservatory Metropolitan Flute Festiv  MORE INFO
Boston, MA
7/21/2011 – 7/24/2011

2011 Flute Workshop  MORE INFO
Clinton Township, MI
7/26/2011 – 7/29/2011

Springfield, MO

New York
Music for All Seasons Fundraiser with Sir James Galway  MORE INFO
New York City , NY

Central Ohio Flute Festival  MORE INFO
Columbus, OH

South Carolina
South Carolina Flute Society Spring Festival  MORE INFO
Columbia, SC
3/18/2011 – 3/19/2011

Spring Flute Festival  MORE INFO
Columbia, SC
3/18/2011 – 3/19/2011

Flute Festival Mid-South  MORE INFO
Nashville, TN
3/18/2011 – 3/19/2011

Texas Flute Festival  MORE INFO
Denton, TX
5/19/2011 – 5/21/2011

Floot Fire Flute Competitions  MORE INFO
Plano, TX

Floot Fire Plano  MORE INFO
Plano, TX
6/13/2011 – 6/18/2011

Floot Fire West  MORE INFO
Hurst, TX
6/20/2011 – 6/24/2011

JMU Flute Fling 2011! with RHONDA LARSON  MORE INFO
Harrisonburg, VA

Baroque Music for Flute and Voice MORE INFO
Oak Grove, VA

Wisconsin Flute Festival  MORE INFO
Madison, WI

Bercloux, France
masterclass course  MORE INFO
5/1/2011 – 5/7/2011

Lisa Friend London Flute Summer Class 2011  MORE INFO
8/5/2011 – 8/7/2011


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