Ep. 71: Stories from the Road with Bob Bender


Stories from the Road with Bob Bender


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“Music used to have heart and soul, now it’s all technical.”

What is the difference between a craftsman and an artist? Have the performing arts become sterile? Are we too removed from our audiences and each other?

These questions have been well-discussed in the music and performing arts world over the course of the last 50+ years. The introduction of technology and remote performances through performing and broadcasts has spawned many debates, and these debates only intensified with the advent of social media and electronic manipulation of sound.

On this episode of the Tuned and Strong Podcast, join us as we chat with Bob Bender about his life stories from the road as a tour manager. He’s got some great “backstage” stories, talking about the health challenges tourding musicians face, what’s it’s like to manage musicians, record deals “now and then,” and the modern experience for musicians looking to be discovered for a tour or recording deal! Bob also has his own podcast “The Business Side of Music”, please go check it out.

This was a special episode as Angela and Bob both live in Nashville so this was recorded in Bob’s podcast studio and Jen joined us via Zoom!

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