Study Verifies Strength Training Helps Musicians

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Well, this is super exciting!  A study just recently published on PubMed has just come out being one of the first studies to find out if specific strength training is more helpful to musicians than general fitness.

And the takeaway?


You can read the summary HERE

What exciting things to know?

  •  up to 91% of musicians experience playing related musculoskeletal pain  (wow….that’s almost everyone…)
  • Specific Strength Training showed a significant reduction in pain while general fitness showed no reduction
  • Exercise interventions have the potential to improve musicians’ working situation

In reading the entire study, this was a very preliminary test, and the authors wondered if more specific strength training (i.e. corrective exercise) would have an even greater impact on reducing musician’s playing-related pain as well as overall quality of life and career longevity.

Super exciting to have that validation that what we knew all along is now getting the study it deserves and goes to show that STRENGTH TRAINING IS HIGHLY BENFICIAL TO MUSICIANS! 1f642 1f642 1f642

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